Sustainability at FlexFix from day 1

On a daily basis kilometers of stretch film are used in districution centers to secure load on roll containers. Within less than 24 hours these containers are unloaded, the stretch film removed and often tossed. Single use! That has to change.

Sustainability has been focus of FlexFix since the beginning. FlexFix is founded with an ambition to eliminate these kilometers of stretch film. From that vision we developed the tarp system as reusable alternative. This system allows retailers and logistics providers to replace their vast volumes of plastic with a sustainable, efficient and reusable system. The system has been first adopted in 2017 by Udea in the Netherlands (a organic wholesaler and retailer). FlexFix continues to innovate to realize its vision of plastic free logistics. 

FlexFix her sustainability agenda also becomes reality focust FlexFix op het produceren van robuuste rolcontainers die lange levensduur hebben en op het doen van onderhoud zowel de bodems als de hekken voor duurzaam hergebruik. FlexFix heeft het dak van haar productie- en opslag locaties met zonnepanelen uitgerust.

FlexFix is ambassador for the Plastic Soup Foundation 

Udea uses the FlexFix tarp system on all her dry-food logistics.

As guidance for our sustainability agenda FlexFix focuses on these Sustainability Development Goals.