Flex’nFix is a company based in Schagen in the Netherlands. The alternative to thin foil was created based on first hand experience at a large retailer based in the Netherlands. Consequently the system fits into existing logistical processes and starts saving plastic and handling time from day 1.

Our vision: Companies have internal logistics without using plastic and with efficient handling time

The vision is driven by the large amount of plastic that is used on a daily basis in the current way of securing goods on roll containers. Most of the time the function of the plastic is only applied for 24 hours. Our objective is to replace this plastic usage with a reusable solution to securing goods. In our view this should be done by also improving the efficiency of the associated repetitive tasks.

Flex’nFix is founded by two brothers Alex and Wouter Vink who both have their roots in a family tulip farm. From a young age they were both heavily involved in the production and logistics and this background provides them with the pragmatic, solution oriented mindset that is the foundation of Flex’nFix. Flex’nFix designs solutions that fit into the logistical processes of their clients using standard products and short innovation cycles.

Alex is an engineer by trade accompanied with a masters in Entrepreneurship from VU and is owner of bollenplaten.nl. Alex has extensive experience in internal logistics through his time with a large non-food retailer. Wouter is a mathematician from Utrecht and worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. He currently also works with Purpose+ as a consultant for purpose driven projects.