FlexFix from Schagen offers affordable roll containers for everyone. This is driven by the vision to make high quality products with low production costs.

  • High quality is achieved through constant product innovation, own production, and experience from maintaining 25.000 roll containers annually
  • Affordable price and low production costs is achieved through specialisation, focus on service, modern production techniques, and to adopt ‘design for production’ as mantra

FlexFix has the ambition to create sustainable impact by focussing on the production of robust roll containers, maintenance to promote reuse and by offering an alternative for plastic stretch film. The latter product enables retailers and logistics providers to replace the vast volumes of plastic that is used on a daily basis by a sustainable, efficient and reusable alternative. This FlexFix tarp system saves both plastic and time.

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FlexFix is founded by two brothers Alex and Wouter Vink, both raised on a tulip farm in the Netherlands. From a young age they have both been involved in the production and logistical aspects of farming. This has been the foundation for their pragmatic, solution minded mentality that characterises FlexFix. FlexFix designs solutions that fit into the logistical processes of their clients by leveraging modern production techniques, standard products and short innovation cycles.