Flex’nFix is a reusable tarp system that secures load on a roll container. The system eliminates stretch film and can be opened and closed in a few seconds.

The Flex’nFix system..

  • ..is reusable & completely eliminates stretch film to secure load on roll containers (incl. lashing strap)
  • ..accelerates the order picking process by reducing the wrapping time from ~50s to ~15s per rotation
  • ..is easy to implement in existing process, e.g., option to nest is maintained
  • ..is easy to use, the instructions are simple and usage is intuitive
  • ..gives a professional look in the public domain compared to stretch film


The system can go with different options. We will ensure that the system fits into your typical logistical process by adapting where needed.

  • Distance keeper – Fixates both frames to reduce loss and enhance space usage (is recommended)
  • Company colors – Creates a professional look in the public domain with any color, pattern and/or logo
  • More tarps – Creates tailored flexibility with multiple tarps on the system
  • U-folder – Carries labels or other media to identify the roll container (your system may carry multiple u-folders on specific positions)
  • Add folder – Carries replaceable advertisements, e.g., weekly actions